About Us


Weekly Meal Plans, Healthy catering by House of Feasts tasty culinary delights cooked in our award winning kitchen and delivered to your dining room across United Kingdom every Friday!

Weekly Meal Plans offer two different menus, based on two or three dishes per day.


Easy to follow heating & storing instructions, best ingredients and last but not least our culinary experience. House of Feasts is one of the most Awarded restaurant in Cambridgeshire, from Casual Dining Restaurant of 2020, Most Charming Eastern European Restaurant 2019, listed in Good Food Guide by Waitrose, scoring highest points for food in Peterborough at nation - recognised Hardens Guide 2020. All cooked under critical eye of our Royal Chef Damian and his team! Damian have recently prepared Banquet to Royal Family, not once but twice!


Whats on Offer ?

Prices starts from £4.50 per dish / £85per week or £300 per month, menus will be changed according to plan and season.


All calories are calculated per portion.

How to order?

Simply visit Weekly Meal Plans Shop and select menu option suits you best, if you fancy couple dishes only - just order your favourite meals from Add Extra Section!

Stay healthy, eat well, be active!